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Recent Projects

1. The Storage/ Medical Building

There are several projects that the Southern Sudan Aliab Medical Organization (SSALMO) wants to institute in Aliab County. The first of these projects is to build a permanent building, which will serve as the cornerstone of the SSAMO scheme. Other initiatives cannot be carried out unless SSAMO members and friends put up a permanent medical facility that will serve several functions such as a clinic, ward, and storage. SSAMO believes that public health is the key to the strength of Aliab County. This will be the first medical facility ever constructed in Aliab County. Read More...

2. Healthcare Provision

First and foremost, the vision and mission of SSAMO is to provide basic health care in the rural Aliab County where there has never been a medical facility. SSAMO believes that the best way to provide basic health care in Aliab County is through the following methods:

A. SSAMO's top approach to public health provision is through health advocacy that will educate the locals on the diseases and illness prevention methods (prevention is better than cure approach).

B. Dispensaries will utilize local staff who will act as the health care foot soldiers to educate and inform the public on contagious and seasonal diseases such as TB, malaria, meningitis, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and cholera, among others.

C. SSAMO will train local health staff to educate and massively inform the residents of Aliab County on the danger of STDS such as Syphilis, Gonorrhea, and HIV/AIDS.

D. SSAMO will also focus on women's health, especially maternity health awareness (maternal and child health). Local SSAMO staff will be instructed to teach the traditional midwives on how to monitor the health condition of pregnant mothers, both during pregnancy and after pregnancy (prenatal and post-natal care). SSAMO will strive to provide prenatal vitamins as well as children's vitamins and instruct women in the use of vitamins. Read More...

Events & News

Medications Arrive Safely to Aliab Community

April 18, 2012

Medications Delivered to the Aliab Community in March, 2012 include: Acetaminophen - 796 tablets Aspirin - 525 tablets Ibuprofen - 500 tablets Excedrin - 400 tablets Zantac - 30 tablets Pepto- Bismal - 1 bottle Prenatal Vitamins - 60 tablets Multivitamins - 125 tablets Hydrocortisone Cream - 4 tubes Triple Antibiotic Cream/ Neosporin - 5 tubes Oral Anesthetic Gel - 1 tube Special thanks to William for transporting the medications safely to Southern Sudan!!

Mosquito Nets

March 1, 2012

SSALMO recently provided mosquito nets to elderly people and mothers of infants to help prevent malaria.

Presentation to the Battle Creek SDA Tabernacle

August 5, 2011

Daniel and Macie had the opportunity on July 11, 2011 to return the Battle Creek SDA Tabernacle to show the VBS children pictures of the Sudanese children that received their donation of flip-flops and vitamins collected during their VBS program in 2010. The children enjoyed seeing pictures of Daniel's 2010 mission trip to South Sudan and they collected pop cans that were cashed in for a $41 donation to help SSALMO continue their mission to help Sudanese children.